Church Life vs Kingdom Values

It's easy for church to become a machine, an organisation that then falls into the values of the world rather than those of the Kingdom. As an illustration, have a look at the table below:

Church LifeKingdom Values
Adults are the priorityAll ages are of equal value
Principally for membersIntended for those ‘outside’
Range of activities = successDoing only what the Father says
Numbers = successChrist-likeness is the goal
Busyness = successCalled to be faithful; not to activity
Ministry is for the ministersPriesthood of all believers
Only church activities are ministryAll life is ministry
Sunday is churchWhere 2 / 3 gather is church
Recruit people based on necessityRecruit based on gift & call
Worship is about singingWorship is about living sacrifices
Knowledge = maturityMaturity measured by fruit
Growth ends shortly after salvationGrowth is a constant process

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